Arduino to MATLAB GUI, Live Data Acquisition from RC Tx (downloadable MATLAB & Arduino source code)

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Arduino to MATLAB GUI, Live Data Acquisition from RC Tx (downloadable MATLAB & Arduino source code)

Gabriel Staples - www.ElectricRCAircraftGuy.com
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Recommended donation: $5 for home use, $25 for lab use, $50~$100+ for business use, all under the included copy-left, open-source GNU GPLV3 or later license. Otherwise contact me if you'd like to purchase an alternate, non-GPL commercial license for non-GPL-compatible business use.

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License: open-source, copy-left GNU GPLV3 or later license. Commercial (closed-source, proprietary) licenses sold at request. Contact me if desired.

Q: Can you sell free software? A: Read here.

Do you have a need for reading the PPM signal coming out of the back of an RC transmitter, for personal experiments or laboratory or school use? Have you ever wanted to be able to read the stick and switch positions on the transmitter?

This is a zip file which contains both the MATLAB m-files and the Arduino files necessary to use an Arduino as a data-input device from an RC transmitter (Tx). The Arduino reads the PPM signal coming out of the back of the RC Tx, which contains all of the stick and switch position data from the Tx, then it communicates this information to MATLAB. The communication is done via standard serial protocol, over a USB cable from the Arduino to your computer. The MATLAB GUI receives the serial data and plots and logs this data.

For a video and tutorial see here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-to-MATLAB-GUI-Live-Data-Acquisition-Plotti/.

Your donations brighten my day, help support my family, and keep me writing code! :)

"I can briefly say, I searched all around the web about these PPM signals and you are by far the best source that I met. I have shown your Arduino-MATLAB code to my adviser where we changed the positions of the radio sticks, while the MATLAB plot visualized the PPM signals varying from 1100 to 1900 us in real-time. He and all the guys watching my demonstration of your code were amazed." ~M. Taha Koroglu, PhD student, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University (quote edited for minor English corrections)

If you're not completely satisfied, I have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

I want this!
Required Software
Required Hardware
Atmega328-based Arduino (ex: Uno, Nano), RC Tx w/trainer port, jumper wires
GPLV3 or later (contact me if you'd like to purchase an alternate license)
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