The Details of Electric Radio Controlled Aircraft (ebook)

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What you get: downloadable PDF ebook: "The Details of Electric Radio Controlled Aircraft, a Technical Perspective with an Economical Approach, Intended for Both Beginners and Experts."

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Description: This is a (slightly incomplete) ebook I started back on Christmas Eve 2011, immediately after finishing my engineering Master's degree. No matter your skill level in Radio Control vehicles, electronics, or aircraft, I think there's still something you can learn from this...even though I never got around to completing it all the way. If you disagree, just reply to the email that contains the download link, after your purchase, and I'll refund your money. Incomplete sections of the ebook are in red, and you'll have to ignore some of the comments I've highlighted and left as notes to myself.

Topics it covers range from the basics of electricity, to motors, batteries, ESCs, propellers, batteries, and even how to measure your aircraft's speed for free (see pgs. 67-80 for a detailed description, including screenshots and diagrams) using any audio recording of an aircraft fly-by (ex: from a video you took with your smartphone) using the Doppler Effect (similar concepts to how radar speed guns work), the speed of sound, and a few simple equations. 

I even dabble a bit in some experimental test flight equations I was working on, including my propeller thrust equation

For a full view of the Table of Contents page, to see what all is included, jump to this page here and scroll down a bit to see the entire ebook. The Table of Contents starts on pg. 3.

eBook Preview: You can view (but not easily save or print) a slightly older, 86-pg. version of the entire document right here.

Since this is a paid download, if you're not completely satisfied, I have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Happy flying!

Sincerely, Gabriel Staples, 

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The Details of Electric Radio Controlled Aircraft (ebook)

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