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eRCaGuy_ButtonReader (downloadable Arduino library)

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License: open-source GNU GPLV3 or later license. Commercial (closed-source, proprietary) licenses sold at request. Contact me if desired.

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When you try to read a button with your Arduino code, do you struggle to get it to register each single press as only *one* press, not a bunch of rapid presses in a row? Or, have you ever struggled to toggle a function on or off with each new button press (and release), rather than only doing A while the button is held down, and B while the button is not being held down? If you've struggled with these things, this library is for you!

This is an Arduino library used to read a button or switch in such a way that you can easily implement toggled actions and momentary actions, know the true, debounced state of a button or switch at any given time, and specify whether you want an action to take place when the button is *pressed* or *released.*

For more info see here: http://www.electricrcaircraftguy.com/2014/05/ercaguybuttonreader-library-for-arduino.html

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  • Required SoftwareArduino IDE
  • Required HardwareAny Arduino board
  • LicenseGPLV3 or later (contact me if you'd like to purchase an alternate license)


eRCaGuy_ButtonReader (downloadable Arduino library)

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